Writing Wednesday: What I write in my Page Per Day

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In our Quo Vadis Page Per Day Challenge, the goal is to write on one page of your day-per-page planner or notebook every day for a full year. Some people started on New Year’s Day, but you can start any day.

Why one page? Because it’s do-able and doesn’t take up too much time out of your day. You don’t have to commit to writing lots of pages every day, which is hard to sustain.

Why every day? Because it creates an excellent record of your life. Each page becomes a snapshot of your day, and all the pages will show what your life was like this year.

What to write? Ah, here is the big question. Lots of people ask me what to write on their page every day.

Personally, I write anything and everything. Whatever is going on in my life that day. Remember, the idea is to limit yourself to one page, to prevent endless blathering and burning out. My page becomes a place to jot ideas, quotes, things to think about later, news headlines, and anything else. Every day I write what I did with my family, significant events in my kids’ and other family members’ lives, and anything else I want to remember.

Here are some examples from recent days. (This is a Journal 21 day per page planner.)

At the top of the day I write significant events, so I can find them easily when I flip through my book. At the bottom of that space I write the day’s weather.

In the main space of the page, I write whatever happened that day. Sometimes I use the times, sometimes I just write on the page.

Here is a day when my daughter was sick. I used the times to track her temperature and what times I gave meds. I used the rest of the page for other notes and journaling.

I always keep track of my kids’ illnesses and symptoms, in case patterns arise. Several years ago my records like this helped the doctors determine that my son’s recurring symptoms were due to seasonal allergies and not asthma.

Here is another day when I just wrote on the page and ignored the times:

Monday the kids were back to school and normal life resumed.

Sometimes I block out my times, other days I just write my to-do list and make notes throughout the day. I like that I can be structured or free-form with the pages, depending on what I need and want each day.

Something else I love about the Journal 21 planner is it has monthly calendars, which I use as an index of events so I can quickly see at a glance what happened on which days.

Some people might find this terribly mundane. It can seem that way at first. But as you continue to capture each day, you’ll notice patterns in thoughts, behaviors, and what is at the forefront of your mind every day. As the year goes on, your use of your book will develop and evolve. You may not be using your pages the same way by the end of the year as you did at the start. It’s all part of the fascinating experiment of recording your life.

We hope you will join our Page Per Day Challenge! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for Page Per Day Challengers too!

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