Writing Wednesday January Theme: Personal Freedom

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This is a new series we will have every month for all of 2017: month themes. On the first Wednesday of each month we will have a post with the month’s theme. The month theme is something to think about, journal about, and be mindful of all month.

This month’s theme is Personal Freedom.

Personal freedom is all about cutting yourself some slack. Let me be quick to say: this not the same as indulgence. It’s not a reason to indulge yourself physically (food, drink, laziness) or emotionally (negative thoughts, not pushing yourself to do your best).

Personal freedom is about releasing yourself from the constraints of expectation (yours, or someone else’s). It’s setting yourself free to think different thoughts and do different actions. Maybe your family and friends always told you that you weren’t athletic, so you always thought of yourself that way. That’s no reason not to join a sports team or try a new physical activity. Maybe you were always told you weren’t artistic, or smart, or good at (insert activity here). That’s no reason not to do it.

Personal freedom is also about breaking out of routines. Take a different way home. Stop at that corner shop and check it out. Go someplace you’ve never been, just to see what it’s like.

If you’re tired of being told what you can’t do, give yourself the personal freedom to try.

This month think about your personal freedom in your day to day life. Journal about your thoughts and experiences in your personal freedom this month.

Look for February’s Month Theme here on Quo Vadis blog Wednesday February 1st.

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