Time management Monday: Taking time to write by hand

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Signatures on the US Declaration of Independence (image public domain)

Today is National Handwriting Day! National Handwriting Day was started by the Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Association as a “chance to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting.” It is celebrated each year on January 23rd, John Hancock‘s birthday, to remind us that handwriting can be powerful and liberating (figuratively and literally).

Writing by hand can also be very personal. There’s nothing like receiving a handwritten card or note. The person’s handwriting is as much a part of the message as the written words themselves. The person’s script, the color of ink, whether the writing is steady or rushed; it all tells a story of that person’s state of mind as the words were written.

I write by hand every day in my planner and journal, but I usually do it in a rushed way. National Handwriting Day is a great reminder for me that writing by hand deserves some time. I don’t need to rush it. I can take my time and enjoy the process. My future self will thank me, because my handwriting is much more legible when I take my time!

So today, think about your handwriting. Allow yourself to slow down and really appreciate the process of writing by hand. Take some time to write a card or note to someone who will appreciate it. Maybe that person is yourself.

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