Notebook and paper reviews

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Here is a collection of notebook and paper reviews!

Megan Rhiannon tells us, “Why I’m ditching Moleskine and Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks!” Spoiler alert: she has switched to a Rhodiarama notebook! I love how happy she is near the end of the video when she shows her Rhodia! The Rhodiarama softcover dotted notebooks she talks about in the video are now available in the USA, in both the small (A6) size she shows in her video, and the medium (A5) size. You can find them online on ShopWritersBloc and other retailers.

Journaljoy has three videos:

In this video she reviews the Clairefontaine Basics Notebook. She does a pen test with various types of pens including gel and fountain pen, and was very pleased to find no feathering or bleed through!

In this video she reviews the Quo Vadis Habana notebook. She likes the size – slightly larger than A5 – to give a little more writing space in a portable book.

In this video she reviews the A5 size Rhodiarama soft cover lined notebook. She likes the feel of the flexible, soft cover and the excellent paper. Again she tests several pens and finds no feathering or bleed-through.

Jordan won an Exacompta Forum journal with grid pages in our giveaway last August. In this post she shows how she adapted it to fit into her travelers notebook for use as her daily bullet journal.

Margret received samples of our Rhodia and Habana papers in our recent giveaway. In her post on Margret Puts Pen To Paper she compared them and did pen tests. My favorite line is, “If the Habana paper was a person it would be an elegant and sophisticated international traveler with discerning taste wearing a string of pearls and smelling faintly of Chanel No. 5.”

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