Daily Journaling Prompts for February 2017

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Continuing our series on daily journaling prompts, here is a list of journaling topics for every day in February! This gives everyone some new ideas for journaling, and can help take the pressure off to think of something to journal about every day, especially for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

1: What do you want to do this month? Write your goals for the month, and think about what you need to do to accomplish them.

2: What are you excited about in the coming month?

3: Today is National Wear Red Day to increase awareness of heart disease in women. What steps can you make to a more heart-healthy lifestyle?

4: This month is InCoWriMo! Even if you don’t write a letter every day, think of someone you haven’t written to in a while who would enjoy a note from you. Who will you write to, and why?

5: Write a letter to yourself to open some time in the future. It could be short term, only a week or a month from now; a year from now, or longer. What will you write to yourself?

6: “A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.” -Mark Twain Which adjectives do you use often? Why do you think you use them? Which other adjectives could you use instead?

7: If you could have any job in the world, for just one week, what would it be and why?

8: If you could travel in time and space to visit any time period for just one week, when and where would you go?

9: If you could go back to any time in your life for just one week, what would it be and why?

10: If you could look forward to any time in your life just to see what it will be like, would you do it? When would you fast forward to, and why?

11: If you could be any character from a book, who would you be? Would you change the story in any way?

12: What is your favorite book? Why do you like it? How many times have you read it? How does your view of the book change each time you read it?

13: What is your favorite movie? How many times have you seen it? Why do you like it?

14: It’s Valentine’s Day! How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? A romantic day with that special someone? An overly commercialized made-up holiday? Just another day?

15: Mid-month review! How are your goals coming along? What can you accomplish in the remainder of this month?

My daughter came up with the following prompts!

16: What is your favorite recipe? Why do you like it?

17: Write a fictional story about yourself when you were 15, but it can be in any place and time.

18: What is your favorite extinct animal? What do you like/ find interesting about it?

19: Go out to one of the wildest places you know, and write all the words you think of to describe it.

20: Write all the exciting things that happened today.

21: Write all the boring things that happened today.

22: Write about your pet, or if you don’t have one, write about what type of pet you would like to have and why.

23: Write about yesterday: what could you have done differently? How could your day have been better?

24: Write about the most important people in your life. What do they mean to you?

25: Look at your Daily Journaling Prompts from last year: Which was your favorite one? How would your answer be different now than it was then?

Ok back to me:

26: Look ahead to next month: what events do you need to prepare for?

27: What good things happened this month? What were your favorite moments this month?

28: Month review! How did this month go? Which goals did you complete? What do you still need to work on?

The new Daily Journaling Prompts list for the next month comes out on the last Wednesday of each month. Look for February’s DJPs here on Quo Vadis blog Wednesday February 22nd!

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