Time management Monday: Photos of Quo Vadis planners in use

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On our Instagram (@quovadisplanners) you can see lots of photos of Quo Vadis planners in use with examples of how to use them for specific purposes like managing your schedule and tasks:

Trinote weekly planner

Time blocking your schedule:

Visual weekly planner

Journaling and gratitude:

Journal 21 daily planner

Working your goals into your life:


Plan & Note planner

Mindful intentions:

Plan & Note planner

You can also see how other people use their Quo Vadis planner. For example, @pennyshima uses a Principal weekly planner and shows her daily planning sessions.

Update January 2017: For some reason we’ve had something catastrophic happen to our Instagram account and have had to stop using it. We are now on Instagram @quovadisplanner (without the s). We will continue to post lots of photos of Quo Vadis planners in use. Please follow us!

You can see more examples of Quo Vadis planners in use at #myquovadis. And when you post photos of your Quo Vadis planner on Instagram, please use #myquovadis to share your photos with the Quo Vadis planners community!

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