Time management Monday: Managing tasks

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Recently in our Quo Vadis Planner And Notebook Users group on Facebook, a new Minister weekly planner user asked how to manage tasks. He is coming from a ring binder system and is used to managing his tasks in tabbed sections.

Minister weekly planner

Sandy McNeely replied (you might remember her from her Featured Reader post). Sandy has been using the President weekly planner (which has the same layout as the Minister, only larger) for 5 years.

President weekly planner

She replied that she uses the categorized list boxes at the right side of the page for her lists, then transfers them to the following week if they are still incomplete or in progress.

I also suggested he could use a notes booklet in the back pocket of his Minister planner for tasks. This would be a good place for ongoing tasks and projects, master lists, and tasks that are not assigned to a particular day or week.

Clairefontaine and Rhodia stapled notebooks, Quo Vadis Notes booklet

How do you manage tasks in your planner?

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