The Blessings of Boredom

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Every few months, I take a “Hermit Day” at Bishop Molloy Retreat Center in Queens, NY.  This “day away” from email, demands, distractions and over stimulation allows me to rest and be in the present moment–something I rarely do as a marketer. I often lay my head back and listen to the rain or birds.  I end the day refreshed and renewed.  It’s hard to leave the peace and silence.

“The feeling of empty time and space is the blessing of boredom,” said author and professor Damaris Zebner.  Michael Casey, prior of the Cistercian abbey of Tarrawarra in Victoria, Australia echoes her when he says: “There is a kind of monotony that is not boredom but paves the way to a more profound experience.” “Enlightenment,” Casey writes, “comes not by increasing the level of excitement, but by moving more deeply into calm.”

In addition to many warm holiday wishes, my hope is that you can find some time in the midst of the busyness to enjoy the peace and blessings of boredom.

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