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Today we have a guest post from Sandra Bartholomew who shared with us how she uses her Scholar weekly planner for comic journaling!

If you saw my Comic Review on Nov. 8, 2016 and you are curious to know a little bit more about my AutoBio Comics, read on!

My “human” comics characters are based on real people…Myself, my daughter Lilah, and The Fireman… are the main characters. The Fireman came about because my boyfriend – sounds weird to call an adult male a “boy”friend – anyway – he is a very private person, and he really IS a fireman.

But his cartoon character actually developed from his intense personality. I described him as progressing from having flames coming out of his head (when he likes me) to having a block of ice for a head (when he froze me out). I created a “Fireman Relationship Clock” to try and explain this unexplainable phenomenon.


This summer, I updated the clock to the “Feeling Lucky?” wheel of fortune. The reception I got when I came home to visit was no longer predictable.


When asked by friends, and my blog followers – “Why do you keep going out with him?” Why?! He is an endless source of material! Of course. And there are plenty of really wonderful things to record too.


As for the “non-human” characters… some are real people turned into animal form, others are creatures from my imagination.


For years I have been told “It’s all in your head” – now I see that it is true! I am particularly fond of the characters “CDO (OCD)” and “Anxiety” from my comic We Will Never Leave You – a comic interview with my Inner Demons. Mental Health is a frequent subject of my comics.


Speaking of being crazy – I brainstormed, wrote, illustrated, and printed that book in only four days this summer! Since I didn’t have time to do any shading – I called it a comic coloring book. Forget all that “relaxing, mindful” coloring craze – just go straight to the coloring CRAZY.


I have noticed a tendency for the characters to take over the stories and completely change the direction. I’m OK with that. My real life works the same way.

I was actually drawing cartoons for my local paper in Southbridge, MA, the Brimfield Antique Guide, and the Childrens’ Museum of RI, when I was a teenager. When I started college – it was to study Egyptology. When I (finally) graduated college it was with a BFA in Illustration. I wrote and illustrated books and taught Zentangle classes.

Now… many… years later – I am at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT getting my Masters in Applied Cartooning. A full circle! Life is funny like that.

If you are intrigued by comics and want to learn more – get yourself up here to Vermont this summer. CCS offers some amazing week-long classes – that’s how I got pulled back into comics!

If you’d like to follow my comics as I post them, back me on Patreon or subscribe to my blog through my Etsy shop.

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