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We welcome feedback!  Whether it is commenting on a post, sending us a message via the Quo Vadis website, reviewing planners and Habana notebooks on Amazon, social media or blogs, we take note of all comments and suggestions.  We hear from Quo Vadis users with suggestions and complaints; and we also hear from people, long-time users especially, about what they value and really like about their planner.  That is equally good to hear–what people like as well as dislike.

We now have a new feedback device on Quo Vadis Blog–a poll.  The poll is located on the right sidebar just below the “Shop/Paper Bistro” logo.  We plan to poll blog visitors twice a month with different topics.  Please use it to make your voice heard!  If you would like to suggest a poll topic, please comment on this post.

Thank you for your feedback.  Suggestions from Quo Vadis users are the biggest source of product improvements, changes and even new products.


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