December review: Memories

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This year we’ve been doing themed reviews each month to help you look back on the previous month and think about how you spent your time and focus. This is the last of our themed month reviews. Starting next month, instead of a review at the end of the month we will have a post at the beginning of the month with a theme to focus on all month. Look for the Month’s Theme posts on the first Wednesday of each month.

For our December review, let’s look back at the memories you created this month, and all year.

Think/ journal about the following questions:

December is usually a busy month with lots of events. What were the most memorable events this month?

Sometimes the most memorable things are small, fleeting moments. What were some small moments you want to remember?

What were your happiest memories from this month? From this year?

Years from now, what will you remember most from this year?

Thank you to everyone who followed our Month Review series this year!

Look for our first Month’s Theme post Wednesday January 4th.

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