Day Per Page planners giveaway winners!

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Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Day Per Page planners giveaway! Here are the lucky winners:

Sateria J.
Khristina W.
Lynn A.
Katrina B.
Denise C.
Greg B.
Tara T.
Sherri M.
Sharon W.
Rita H.
Marie Z J.
Sara A.
Emi M.
Yuli G.
Michael B.
Philip D.
Tina S.
Marty A.
Mike S.
Hannah G.
Ayzit D.
Gail K.
Dirk G.
Jennifer G.
Kathryn H.
Ingrid B.
Peter B.
Maria D.
Ann L.
Kellie H.

Congratulations! Winners have already been contacted via email.

I hope you’ll enjoy using your new day per page planner for our Page Per Day Challenge all year!

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