Writing Wednesday: How Jerry uses his Journal 21 for his Page Per Day Challenge

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Back in December of last year we did a giveaway of day per page planners for people to use in our Page Per Day Challenge. Jerry won a Journal 21 planner and below he shares with us how he’s been using it this year.


I received the Quo Vadis 2016 Journal 21 planner last December as a winner of the contest for various planners.

In the past I had used various planners, but I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the paper. Also, I wanted to use my old Parker 51 from 1950, and many planners are not ink-friendly.

I started out putting in my future appointments, but then I found I enjoyed using this planner as a daily journal, as the paper was so smooth and friendly to my fountain pen. I have been using this planner as a daily journal throughout the year, and I have enjoyed it so much, that I plan to continue doing this next year (so, I need to get another Quo Vadis).

A side benefit of the Journal 21 cover is the nice insert to hold any information that I want to keep handy. This cover looks like leather, and is quite smooth to the touch. All in all, it is a very presentable package. The size is perfect for me and the journal lies flat when opened. The color of the page is easy on the eyes, and the dates and information are nice and clear. I really like the perforated tabs at the bottom, which help me quickly find the present date without the need for a ribbon or insert.

I would highly recommend this journal to anyone who uses fountain pens (or any kind of writing instrument). It will fit in a purse or bag easily, and mine has held up very well with the daily usage.

Thanks Jerry, I’m glad you are enjoying your Journal 21!

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