Writing Wednesday: Gini’s Journal 21 for her Page Per Day Challenge

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Many thanks to Gini for sharing with us how she has been using her Journal 21 planner that she won in December’s giveaway for her Page Per Day Challenge this year!

This year I am using a Journal 21 planner from Quo Vadis for the Page a Day challenge (with thanks to Quo Vadis for the planner, which was won in a giveaway). I’ve used Journal 21 before as a planner and its size encouraged me to do more writing and then add some artsy embellishments. I’m still adding collage, stickers, and washi tape and as you can see below, this adds a bit of bulk, but I find that oddly satisfying. I love the way the corners of the pages pull out so I can find my place easily.


I have really loved this challenge, as I had fallen out of the habit of journaling daily. But one page is so doable that I’ve been able to keep up with this so far this year, with only a few days when I have forgotten or simply run out of time. I’m very grateful for this challenge as it brought journaling back into my daily routine. The other great thing about this is that I get to use my fountain pens every day too! The paper in this journal, as in all the Quo Vadis and Exaclair products, is amazing with fountain pens. No feathering, no bleed through and minimal show through as you can see on the left side of the spread below. I also find that the paper doesn’t absorb the ink and make the lines fatter – a problem I have with other paper. I use the top blank area for quotes or inspirational phrases that I find here and there. I just saw that the November prompts for Page a Day are quotes! I’m not big on using prompts, but I’ve bookmarked the site so that I can use the quotes if needed.


The page below is a better view of the writing on the back of a page and you can see that there’s just the faintest shadow of the previous writing – certainly not enough to interfere with writing or reading the new entry. I love washi tape and I love decorating the pages almost as much as I enjoy journaling. With very little free time in the day, this gives me a much needed creative outlet.


A more recent spread below, ready for writing. Often I decorate on the actual date I write, but sometimes I go ahead and do a whole spread. This is an example of trying out different placements of washi and stickers to avoid having lumps in only one area of the journal. I started with tape across the top to separate the quote area and then across the bottom, but I noticed that I had a dip in the center, so have been changing it up more since then.


Doing the Page a Day challenge has truly been a blessing this year, returning me to journaling as well as being an important part of self-care. I’ve thought about how this has been different from previous experiences with journaling and I believe that it’s the structure that the planner provides that has kept me going. Having the days numbered and having just one page to write each day supports a daily practice. If I miss a day I catch it quickly and then have room for overflow if I am more verbose another day. I can easily reference the day if I continue onto a past empty page. Or sometimes I will take notes or write recipes on those days. At the end of the year I’ll probably do an index for those pages.

So if you haven’t tried the Page a Day challenge, I encourage you to give it a go. If you’re just beginning with journaling, it’s a great way to get going; but it’s also a meaningful practice for experienced journalers.

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