Time management Monday: Why use a paper planner? Part 3: Productivity and Goals

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Welcome to Part 3 of our Why Use A Paper Planner? series. In Part 1 we talked about various reasons why people enjoy using paper planners, including freedom and self expression. In Part 2 we showed different ways people use their planner as a creative outlet and to preserve memories. In this post we will talk about how to use a paper planner to focus on productivity and goals.

I’ve written a lot about goals here on Quo Vadis blog, and how your paper planner can help you in every stage of the process from setting your goals to working them into your schedule to reviewing your progress.

In my recent productivity series here on Quo Vadis blog I showed you specific ways your Quo Vadis planner can help you focus on your daily priorities, incorporate your weekly goal actions into your daily schedule, and balance your tasks with your daily schedule.


Priorities, weekly goals, schedule and tasks in Trinote planner

A paper planner allows you to see everything in front of you all together. You don’t have to compartmentalize your goals someplace else. You can write them directly into your daily spaces, write a motivational mantra on your week’s page, and keep reminders of your goals alongside your schedule and tasks so you can be reminded often of what your goals are and why they are important to you. You can stick pictures into your planner pages of what you want: a slimmer you, completing your degree, a trip to your dream destination.


Scheduling and goals in Plan & Note planner

Planning each week with your goals in mind makes you more intentional with your actions. The act of writing your goals by hand reinforces them in your mind, and keeps your goals at the forefront of your thoughts.

Seeing your goals, tasks, and schedule together in your planner allows you to see the big picture, and how all the aspects of your life relate to each other. This helps keep you balanced, so that no one aspect overtakes too much of your time.

Writing your plans and keeping them visible in front of you allows you to plan ahead effectively instead of merely reacting to notices. You become proactive, not reactive. You become mindful, not overwhelmed.

Keeping your life together in your planner gives you purpose with your productivity, gives you a creative outlet and record of memories, and allows your personal expression.

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