Time management Monday: Why use a paper planner? Part 1: Freedom and Self

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Ask a planner user why they chose paper and you’ll get many of these reasons:

~no worries about battery life or connectivity

~enjoying writing on nice paper and using favorite pens

~writing by hand makes you smarter and helps you remember

But it’s more than just the convenience of planning on the go and using a nice book. Here are more reasons why people enjoy using paper planners:

Planners offer a type of freedom you can’t get from an app. There’s no prescribed way to use a planner. You don’t have to type into designated fields or choose a category for your entries. You put pen to paper and write exactly what you want to write, where you want to write it.

Using a paper planner is a personal experience. From choosing the size, color, and type of layout in your book to which pen you use to write, your planner is all about your personal choice.

Writing is an intentional act that requires you to focus your thoughts. This allows people to identify their goals and actions, and commit to them by writing them where they will be reviewed and remembered. What you write in your planner becomes a reflection of yourself.

Writing on paper creates a record of our lives that persists throughout the years, and even generations. Paper is archival in a way that our current technology is not.

In this series we will explore why people use paper planners in today’s digital age. Often it’s not an either/or: many people use paper planners alongside technology. Paper fills a need that can’t be matched by electronics. The physical, tactile nature of writing on paper is soothing, brings focus, and offers users a break from the screen.

Look for Part 2 in this series next Monday for more reasons why people use paper planners!

Why do you enjoy using a paper planner? Is it the joy of writing on nice paper with your favorite pen? Turning the pages, reviewing your entries? Or is it something else?

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