Time management Monday: Using sticky tape flags for recurring tasks

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Last year I wrote a post on how to use sticky notes in your planner. I’ve been using stickies more and more in my planner ever since then, and my method has changed and evolved over time. I thought I’d show you my updated sticky system.

This is shown in the Quo Vadis Trinote/ Septanote/ Prenote format planners, but you can use this sticky system in any planner.


I use sticky tape flags for recurring tasks like paying bills and household chores. Here are some details:

Monthly actions: For things I have to do every month like submitting invoices (blue sticky) or paying my credit card bill (orange sticky), I use a sticky tape flag (trimmed to fit) that I move each month to indicate which day this needs to be done. I like to put it into a specific time slot to make sure I give myself time to do it. But because it’s on a sticky, if something needs to be scheduled at that time, I just shift the sticky to a different time.


When I have completed the task, I write it into the time slot when I did it and check it off, so I have a record in my planner of when I submitted the invoices or paid my bill.


Then I move the sticky to the appropriate day the following month. The act of physically moving the sticky helps me remember that it’s coming up. I do this with things I do once or twice per year too, like car tax, insurance payments, car inspection etc.

Household chores: I have tried several methods of scheduling and tracking household chores and never liked any of them, until now. I recently started using sticky tape flags for my household chores and it’s a great way for me to keep on top of things, but it’s also flexible enough to change without fuss.

I use yellow stickies for weekly chores like scrubbing the bathroom and mopping the kitchen floor. I stick them onto a particular day or time, or into the notes section on my day if I don’t need to get them done at a specific time. If something comes up and I don’t get to it that day, I move it to another day.



I use green sticky notes for deep cleaning specific areas (kind of like FlyLady Zones). For example here you can see I need to deep clean my car on Saturday, and this week my area to work on throughout the week is the kitchen.


Again when I have completed the task I write it in so I know when I did it. Then I move the sticky to the next day it needs to be done. This method keeps me from rewriting cleaning schedules each week.

Note: I do not use sticky tape flags to note recurring events like my kids’ after school activities or other standing appointments. I write those in each week because they are fixed.

I’m really liking this sticky tape flag system because it’s flexible, it keeps me from rewriting tasks, and it keeps me honest: if I find I’m moving sticky notes day after day it means I’m procrastinating and I need to get back on track.

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