Comic Journaling in a Scholar

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Sandra Steen Bartholomew is an author, illustrator, cartoonist, mixed media artist and a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  She is currently in school to get her Masters in Applied Cartooning.

Earlier this summer, Sandy got in touch with me about possible Quo Vadis planner formats to draw daily cartoons!  She heard from a mutual friend – Sandra Strait – that Clairefontaine paper was good for drawing with ballpoint pens.

Since I love cartoons and comics, I fell all over myself to offer her some choices!  She settled on a Scholar, since the year began in August and that’s when she wanted to start her project. She also liked the simple page layouts and white paper.  Her “calendar comics” have now become part of her Thesis project.  Hopefully, she’ll guest post on Quo Vadis Blog soon to write about the “stories” behind the comics.

You can read Sandy’s review on her blog, BEEZ in the Belfrey.

You can also follow along her comic journaling adventures on Glyphs & Glitches.


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