Writing Wednesday: Different uses for day per page planners

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I have a special place in my heart for day per page planners. I love their chunky shape and classy look. I also love how versatile they are. They can be used in many different ways, and can be adapted to however you need and want to use them.

The most obvious way to use a day per page planner is for your schedule and to-dos. This is great for people with a lot going on each day. Below is the Journal 21 day per page planner. The full page for every day gives you plenty of space to write the details of all of your appointments, tasks, and priorities.

Journal 21 cropped

Another great way to use a day per page planner, as people have been doing for two hundred years, is as a daily diary/ journal. The dated pages encourage consistency in writing every day. Steve did a guest post on how he’s been using his Daily 21 (the European version of the Journal 21) as a journal for several years.

Lots of people doing our Page Per Day Challenge have been using day per page planners this year. Kenneth showed us in this post how he is using his Journal 21 to write notes, plan his schedule, and keep track of his employees.

Kenneth 5

My favorite way to use a day per page planner is as a catch-all throughout the day. I like carrying my book with me and using it as a landing place for anything and everything that comes at me during the day: notes, quotes, numbers, things to remember, etc. The result is that the book becomes a fascinating snapshot of what I did and what was on my mind each day. Tracie showed us how she has been using her Journal 21 planners this way for several years.

IMG_5467 (2)

Do you use a day per page planner? What do you love about it?

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