Time management Monday: Your day: timed to the hour? Or open schedule?

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A couple of weeks ago we had a post to help you narrow down your search for your perfect planner. Today I’m going to focus on weekly planners and compare two types: timed days, and open plan.

Timed days: If you are very busy and/ or want to maximize your time, you will probably prefer a weekly planner with timed days. The timed schedule lets you plan your days down to the half hour. This lets you see what time is taken and what time is free, so you know when you can slot in tasks and activities. This also holds you accountable for your time. If you want to be more conscious of how you are spending your time and maximize productivity, take a look at the weekly planners with timed days.

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How to use vertical days

The Trinote planner has vertical days timed to the half hour, and space for notes each day. These notes spaces are perfect for writing daily to-do lists or for jotting information.

Trinote cropped

Trinote weekly planner

The Minister planner has a similar format but is slimmer for portability. The Minister planner also has monthly planning pages.

Minister Exaclair image

Minister weekly planner

Open plan: If you want more flexibility to write appointments, notes, and lists in your daily spaces without time constraints, you’ll want an open plan weekly planner.

The new Plan & Note planners have an open weekly format without times so you can write in everything on the go. Their streamlined design offers maximum portability. The Plan & Note planners are available in Desk and Pocket size. The Desk size Plan & Note planners have monthly planning pages.


If you want something slightly larger look at the Hebdo weekly planner. There is a space for each day’s priority, and the rest of the day space is lined without times to give you plenty of space to write whatever you need. The Hebdo planner also has monthly planning pages.

Hebdo weekly planner cropped

Do you prefer to see your days timed to the hour to maximize your scheduled time? Or do you prefer the unrestrained open format?

2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Your day: timed to the hour? Or open schedule?

  1. Definitely a timed to the minute vertical. But look at your Sundays! For many of us, that has become a work day. My days start much earlier and end late as well. I’d love a day that started at 7 and went to 10PM to cover conference socials. Larger pages 8×11 leave more writing space as well. Cryptic notes are all well and good until you need the information for billable hours and time sheets.

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