Time management Monday: Planning on the go

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This week I’ve been playing around with my 2017 Plan & Note planners, and now I see what the big deal is about these planners! They really do go everywhere.

The rubberized cover and sturdy construction seem practically indestructible. The planners are slim and flexible, and there’s no spiral or coil binding to get bent or snag. They slip perfectly into my bag (desk size) or pocket (pocket size).

I’ve been taking the pocket one everywhere, even on my recent beach vacation:


And when I walk the dog in the forest:


It also withstands the rigours of home life, like being accidentally set down in a blob of jelly on the kitchen table:


I love that I never have to worry about charging batteries and can plan wherever I am (which is everywhere, because I’m on the go all the time!).

The Plan & Note planners are new for 2017. You can see photos of all their features here, and more information including purchasing details for the desk size here and pocket size here.

One thought on “Time management Monday: Planning on the go

  1. That’s exactly how I choose all my planners. I want them to be comfortable on the go. At the same time the problem I have with paper ones – I have to check out all the upcoming events by myself as there are no alerts. So, I used to double everything to my digital calendar. Luckily a couple of weeks ago I found the idea of the planner which links directly to digital calendars at http://kck.st/2dLmsIU. It seems that my problem is solved now 🙂

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