Time management Monday: Only three months left in 2016!

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the summer draws to a close and the winter is coming

Believe it or not, we are into the final quarter of 2017! There are less than three months left in the year.

Now is the time to take a look back at your annual goals for this year (remember those?). What did you want to accomplish this year?

Now think about what you have completed so far. Which goals did you achieve? What did you finish?

Next think about what is yet to be finished this year. What kept you from completing these goals? Was it timing, roadblocks or other issues? Think about ways to get around these.

Sometimes circumstances change and your initial goals are no longer relevant, or have evolved into different needs. What is different now than it was at the beginning of the year?

Look at your planner at the next 3 months coming up. This is usually a very busy time of year, both at work and personally/ socially. The holidays are coming up, and along with them the events and gifts. Write your financial budget, and budget your time so you don’t get caught by surprise.

Keeping in mind your progress toward your goals and everything else happening in the next three months, write your realistic expectations of what you will be able to accomplish by the end of the year. Are there any lower-priority items you will have to put off?

Take the time now to look ahead and plan through the end of the year so you can get it all done in the upcoming busy time and finish the year strong!

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