Time management Monday: Quo Vadis Productivity: Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 in our Quo Vadis Productivity Series!

The original Quo Vadis Agenda Planning Diary weekly format was created more than 60 years ago as a time management tool. That format is still in use in our Trinote, Septanote and Prenote weekly planners. These planners have time management features built directly into the pages: space for your day’s priority, categorized task lists, space for notes and recording information, and days timed to the half hour so you can see your entire schedule at a glance.

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This post is the second in a series where I will show you specific ways to use our unique Quo Vadis weekly format to increase your productivity, set and reach your goals, and balance your schedule. In the first post I gave you tips on how to use your planner to help you decide your priorities and focus on them each day.

In this post I will show you how to focus your weekly goals, keep them visible all week, and incorporate them into your daily schedule.

One of the time management features built into the Quo Vadis weekly pages is the space with categorized list boxes.

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There are endless ways to use these spaces. You can use them as they are labeled: to list your phone calls, emails and notes. Or, you can use them to keep your weekly goals visible, as I will show you in this post. To free up your weekly boxes, you can keep task lists in a notes booklet in your planner.

Below I have shown an example of how to use the list boxes for your categorized weekly goals. In the top box, I have an inspirational quote for the week. In the second box (in green ink) I have exercise goals for the week. Notice they are very specific. I don’t have “work out 5 times.” I have the number of times that week I will do each type of exercise: cardio, strength and stretching. When I complete each one, I fill in the circle to count off how many I’ve completed. This gives an easy visual of whether I’m reaching my weekly goals.


I have work goals in blue and personal goals in purple. Notice these are measurable too: for work I want to get 5 new clients and reach out to 10 new contacts, and complete my monthly review. My personal goals this week are to focus on relationships, and again I have distinct actions toward that goal: call my mom, visit a friend in the hospital, invite another friend out for coffee. It’s very important for weekly goals to be specific and measurable in this way so that you have distinct actions toward each goal.

Below you can see how I have incorporated my weekly goals into my daily schedule. I have scheduled each type of exercise (in green) that I’ll do each day. I have my work tasks toward my goals in blue in my daily schedule, with extra info in the Notes box for Monday. I have personal appointments and connections in purple.


You’ll also notice I have filled in each day’s focus in the Priority boxes as I showed you in Part 1 of this series.

Keeping your weekly goals visible alongside your schedule helps you work your goal actions into your days. This makes you more likely to accomplish your weekly goals, and makes you more successful at reaching your longer-term goals.

Look for Part 3 in our Quo Vadis Productivity series here on Quo Vadis blog soon!

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