Paper samples winners!

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Many thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway of Rhodia and Habana paper samples! We had so many entries, we decided to double the number of paper sample packets to give away! Here are the 200 winners!

Congratulations to the winners! Unfortunately I neglected to add an email field to the entry form, so I am unable send winners email notifications. If you would like to know if you won, please email me with the first line of your address and I’ll check for you.

We would love to know which of the papers you like best! Please either email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com or simply post a comment on this post to let us know your favorites. Thanks!

Sharon A
Brent A
Sharon A
Marilyn A
Marty A
Lynn A
Michael B
LeAnne B
Angie B
Jennifer B
Michael B
Jason B
Peter B
Tyler B
Sarah B
Serena B
Susie B
Laura B
Gordon B
Sandi B
David B
Amy B
Lynn B
Robert C
Nora C
Andrea C
James C
Gregory C
Edward C
Sherry C
Jennifer C
Tom C
Dennis C
Peter C
Jason C
Barb C
Cutler C
Kelly C
Bjorn C
Ashley C
Heather C
Nick D
Ria D
Paul D
Steven N D
David D
Thierry D
Amy D
Jeff D
Amber D
Jeffrey D
Shelley E
Elizabeth E
Michael E
August E
Joe E
Lance E
Janet F
Connie F
John F
George F
Stan F
Jordan F
Donna G
Susan G
Craig G
Simon G
Lissa G
Yessica G
Colleen G
Mel G
David G
Sheri G
Andrew G
Sam H
Joy H
Jennifer H
Linda H
Jenn H
Pat H
Jane H
Mark H
Anne H
Veronica H
Marc H
Debra H
Marg I
Michael J
Melody J
Susan J
Brenna J
Destiny K
Ashley K
Chris K
Paula K
John K
Dylan K
Julie K
Jeffrey K
Nick K
Kara K
Ashli K
Jacob K
Samuel L
Kira L
Brian L
Linda L
Patrick L
Casey L
Devvy L
Sophia L
Jack L
Blanca L
Brian M
Pamela M
M Manthei
Jean M
Arthur M
Vasileios M
T. J. M
Karen M
Kellie M
Alan M
Vivian M
Robert M
Marguerite M
Mary M
Bob M
Andie M
John M
Robert M
Philip M
Marie M
David M
Phawnda M
Gail M
Kimberly M
Elizabeth M
Brett M
Christina M
Lydia N
Vicki N
Lindsay N
Michael O
Zach P
Cristina P
Gino P
Christopher P
Ron P
Carlos P
Martin P
Karen P
Fred P
Gaynor P
Jane P
Laura P
Katherine P
Joe P
Mark P
Lewis P
Cathy Q
Jean R
Carole R
Marcus R
Denise R
Robin R
Barbara R
Michele S
Barbara S
Emmy S
Robin S
Alissa S
Mary S
Greg S
Mark S
Michael S
Michelle S
William S
Robin S
David S
Kat T
Harry T
Geralin T
Ann T
Arnold V
Gill W
Angela W
Sonny W
Diana W
Jeff W
Joe W
John W
Patricia W
Amy W
Maureen W
Anna Y
Anthony Y

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