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Quo Vadis is a worldwide brand, producing planners for many countries around the world. Some products are only available in certain countries or areas of the world. This is the second post in a series of reviews of planners that are available from Quo Vadis UK (which does ship internationally). The first review post in this series was of the Time and Life Planner.

This post is about the Minister Prestige planner, which is not in the US lineup but is available for worldwide shipping from Quo Vadis UK. You can use or a similar conversion to see the prices in your currency. You can contact Quo Vadis UK for international shipping costs information.

This is the Minister Prestige planner in the non-refillable, flexible Habana Smooth cover.  It is also available in the Habana cover.


The weekly layout is slightly different from the Minister planner‘s. In the Prestige, Sunday is located up in line with the rest of the days, and the categorized lists spaces are below Sunday. Additionally, there is space for lists and notes below the timed days. The result is kind of a combination of the layouts of the Minister and Trinote planners.


The Prestige paper is ivory, 85 gsm.

In addition to the weekly pages there are other features including conversion tables and overview calendars:


Monthly planning pages for the current year:


And an anno planner for the following year so you can plan further ahead:


The Minister Prestige planner has full color maps of all the continents:


There is also a pocket in the back where you can store papers and slip in a notes booklet or address booklet (each sold separately) if you like.

The Minister Prestige has rounded corners, an elastic strap closure, a pocket in the back, and tear-off corners to mark your page.

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