Writing Wednesday: Writing utensils for your planner

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Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to writing utensils. Here are some pens and pencils that people love using in their planners:

Multi-pens: If (like me) you like to do color-coding in your planner, multi-pens are a great way to keep all your colors in one portable pen. Lots of different brands have pens with 2, 3 or 4 colors, or even (my current favorite) with 4 colors plus a mechanical pencil built in. I can do all my planning with one pen! Genius.



Erasable options: I used to be all-pen all the time in my planner, but lately my plans change so often I’ve been using pencil for things that could change. I like using the mechanical pencil in my multi-pen (see above). Some people like to use erasable pens, but beware: the ink erases due to the heat caused by the friction of erasing. The ink also erases with any heat, like leaving your planner in a hot car. I’ve heard you can get the ink to reappear by putting your book in the freezer for awhile, but after a few hot-cold sessions the ink doesn’t come back. Another option is a good old-fashioned pencil.




Colors! Many people like to use colored pens and pencils of all types in their planner to decorate, draw, color in, etc. They are a nice way to brighten up your planner pages and an excellent artistic outlet.




Fountain pens: Quo Vadis planners are favorites with fountain pen users because of the excellent paper. Here is a list of our planners that have paper designed to be used with fountain pens.

Which writing utensils do you like to use in your planner?


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Writing utensils for your planner

  1. My go to pen for my smaller planning planner is the Rapidosketch .25, as I née waterproof ink for those moments when I want to add a bit of watercolor. But in my Journal 21, which is used for page a day journaling, I use fountain pens exclusively. Because I need reasons to use my pens and the paper plays well with cousin pen ink, allowing me to write on both sides of a page. I use mildliner highlighters for colorcoding.

  2. I also like the option of multi-colored pens. Currently I am using a Cross Tech3. It has a red and black ballpoint pen, as well as a 0.5 pencil. All refills are really easy to replace. I especially like the fact that the pen is rather slim and fits in my Filofax pen loop.

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