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Recently we received an email from a reader asking about Livescribe compatible planners. Exaclair doesn’t currently make one, but it made us wonder how much interest there would be in Livescribe compatible planners.

Livescribe digitizes written notes by using special digital pens that have infrared cameras to track the pen’s position on the page. This requires special paper–you can’t use it on just any paper.

So in order to produce a Livescribe compatible planner, we would have to make Livescribe compatible paper. This would increase production costs, and, as a result, the product would cost significantly more than our current planners.

At Quo Vadis our goal is to provide you with products that are useful, and enjoyable to use. When we receive customer requests we do our best to make it happen. We appreciate all feedback! We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment and tell us:

What do you currently use Livescribe for? Specifically, what kinds of notes or pages do you save with it? Would you be interested in a Livescribe compatible planner? And the big question: how much would you be willing to pay for a Livescribe compatible planner in Pocket, Compact or Large sizes?

Thank you for your feedback everyone!

UPDATE July 2017: At this time Quo Vadis has no plans to make a Livescribe compatible planner. We have considered the cost of development and production and discovered it is not cost effective for us to produce. One recommendation is to draw your own planner layout on Livescribe paper. Another recommendation is to contact Livescribe directly and ask if they would consider making this product.

13 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Livescribe compatible planners

  1. I am a veterinary medicine student and would pay whatever you charge for a calander weekly planner. It’s a one time per year purchase so I would expect you to charge according. It’s a market gap that needs filling fast. Moleskin is looking to do so with their own pen. Why not just corner the market for all livescribe users. Please be my hero and take the initiative to be the one to break the mould. Cheers Jason.

  2. I’ve been relying on Livescribe for work and home for almost a decade now. I keep searching to see if any company has the vision to produce a planner for this excellent line of digital pens. PLEASE develop and sell a planner for these pens. I have 2 pens and have purchased 3 for members of my family. We would ALL be interested in investing in a quality planner… and dare I say, with CALENDAR!! There IS a market for this. It’s truly a matter of reaching Livescribe pen owners. I would certainly help to get the word out!

  3. Anoto/Livescribe has stopped supporting livePDF. So now there is no way, that I know of, to print calendars for use with my digital pen. Please considering filling this void!

  4. PLEASE! a daily planner (which ressembles something like the panda planner pro) I am begging you 🙂
    There is no real solution out there for besides using the printable PDF and overlaying text for different sections. Obviously these would not appear in the digitized versions in OneNote/Evernote.
    Would happily pay a premium price, for a well produced product.
    Right now you have no market competition.
    Oh and keep me in the loop please.

  5. I’ve been searching for a paper planner with digital compatibility. I can’t understand why this obvious need has been overlooked but would be glad to pay the going rate for planners. I have Filofax and passion planner, not to mention the several Livescribe pens and multiple notebooks I’ve purchased with NO solution.

  6. Yes; I would really LOVE a calendar. I’d love some type of calendar that I could write in and transform into a digital calendar. Please create something.

  7. Sorry I didn’t answer the question about how much I would be willing to pay for a calendar. Right now the library pays about 60 plus dollars per year just for Dayrunner refills. I would be willing to pay more than that out of my own pocket for one that was compatible with Livescribe 3.

  8. Please Please PLEASE, make a livescribe calendar that is compatible with the livescribe 3 pen. I am program coordinator for a library and I manage programs for 3 branches. I live by an calendar. About 6 months ago they bought me a Livescribe 3 smart pen. I use it all the time have notebooks assigned to each branch. I can access notes from my phone! I love it, love it, love it. But, I spend hours and hours making calendars so that I have a written copy that syncs and that is easy to share with co-workers. Some people still want a printed calendar. Please help me.

    • Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your comment! We don’t currently have a Livescribe planner in the works, but we love hearing what customers want and will definitely look into this.

  9. I mostly use Livescribe for taking notes at meetings, but the idea of having to-do and calendars in both paper and digital through the Livescrive app or another particular app created for that purpose would be interesting, as long as the digital version has the same layout as the planner. The issue of cost is more difficult to answer, as I would understand for it to be more expensive than my current Quo Vadis planner, but maybe not more than 25% more expensive.

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