Writing Wednesday: Happy journaling only

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People journal for different reasons: as an emotional outlet, to work through issues, to increase creativity. In the past, I’ve done all of these types of journaling. They had their uses at the time. But usually, especially the emotional outlet journaling, was not something I wanted to read again later. And to be completely honest, this type of journaling wasn’t very useful to me.

This year I made a change to how I journal. I decided to only write things I want to remember. My journals now are books I want to keep forever, and hopefully my children will read later. I write something every day. I write good things that happened, things we did together as a family or that I or my children or husband did. I write which flowers are in bloom, wildlife sightings, places we went. I don’t do any future speculations (I did a lot of that in previous years), just a documentation of what we did.

I’m loving this type of journaling. It’s easy, for one thing. I’m not digging deep into my emotions. I’m just writing what happened. It’s also very pleasant, because I’m writing things I want to remember. And writing good things every day has helped a lot with my positivity and gratitude.

Do you journal? What type of journaling do you do?

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  1. I do “morning pages” years after reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” It’s a wonderful form of meditation to focus in the moment and permit stream of consciousness on the page. Amazing how often inspiration strikes while letting my thoughts run free over several pages.

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