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Quo Vadis is a worldwide brand, producing planners for many countries around the world. Some products are only available in certain countries or areas of the world. This is the first post in a series of reviews of planners that are available from Quo Vadis UK (which does ship internationally). One of these is the Time and Life planner.

The Time and Life planner is designed to incorporate all aspects of your life into one planner: work, personal, family and social.


The weekly layout has all seven days as vertical timed columns. There are spaces for categorized lists for phone calls, emails, meetings, and family (or you can use the spaces in whatever way works best for you, or even in different ways week to week).


There are loads of features in this planner. I’ll take you for a walk through the book. There is a pull-out calendar for the future year, and a placemarker that fits on the rings.


There are notes pages that you can take off the spiral binding and move, reposition, and move again.


There are reference calendars and spaces to add your personal information.


There are monthly planning pages with the months as vertical columns.


The weekly pages have spaces to write your daily priorities, daily notes, weekly lists, and timed schedule.


There are pages with international information and conversions.


There are full color maps.


In the back of the book there is a removable booklet that you can use year after year. It has categorized tabs for medical, family, social and personal contacts, as well as A-Z tabs.


The covers come in a variety of colors and are refillable and have an elastic strap closure to keep your planner securely shut in your bag. There are pockets inside the front and back of the cover to hold cards and papers.

This planner is great for people who have a lot going on, need the same amount of space to schedule weekends and weekdays, and who need a planner that is flexible enough to keep up with all your plans.

Quo Vadis UK ships worldwide. You can use XE.com or similar conversion to see the prices in your currency. You can contact Quo Vadis UK for international shipping costs information.

3 thoughts on “Time and Life planner from Quo Vadis UK

  1. Absolutely love it! There are so many options for capturing everything, there’s bound to be something that suits everyone. And it’s the perfect size for writing things in – not too small and not too large. Worth the upfront investment (£27 is more than I’d normally pay for a diary) but assume that next year will have the insert-only option available.

    Would be great if there was an option to purchase additional ‘move-able notes’ pages.

    • Thanks very much for your input Michelle! Since we are the US distributor of Quo Vadis products we don’t have a say in the UK lineup (which is where this planner is from). I recommend you send your comments to Quo Vadis headquarters in France and specify what you want to be made available in the UK. Here is their contact form: http://quovadis.eu/en/contact/ Thanks again for your input!

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