New products: Plan & Note planners!

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I am very excited about these brand-new planners from Quo Vadis! The Plan & Note planners are designed for maximum freedom in planning and jotting down notes.

The Plan & Note planners come in two sizes: Desk (6 by 8 1/4 inches) and Pocket (4 by 6 inches).


The rubberized cover is sleek and flexible, with rounded corners. It is held securely shut with an elastic band. These rugged planners are designed to go everywhere with you so you can plan and take notes on the go.

The flexible binding not only stays open flat, it is also designed to easily bend back on itself:


I’ll walk you through the features of each planner. Here is the Desk size Plan & Note planner. This is the Violet cover. The other cover colors are Rose and Turquoise.


The Desk size Plan & Note planners have white 90 gsm paper that is fountain pen friendly.

At the front of the planner is a page for your personal information, and reference calendars for the year.


There are anno-planning pages with the year at a glance across the two-page spread. This is very handy for seeing your entire year at once to see travel, holidays, deadlines etc.


The Desk size Plan & Note planners have monthly grid pages! The months are oriented this way on the page to give you maximum writing space in the day squares.


The week layout has lined, untimed days to give you maximum freedom and flexibility in scheduling and jotting notes. Every day has equal space, and there is also space on the weekly page to write extra notes, lists etc.


Holidays are printed in the day spaces. There are tear-off corners to mark your current week so you can easily flip to the correct page.

At the back of the book is a monthly calendar for January to help you start planning into the following year, and reference calendars for 2018.


There is an anno-planner for all of 2018 so you can start plugging in dates right away.


And there are several pages at the back for contacts.



The Pocket size Plan & Note planners also come in Violet, Rose and Turquoise. They have 64 gsm paper, so the planner can be as slim and portable as possible. The elastic closure keeps the book securely shut in your pocket or bag.


As in the Desk size Plan & Note planners, the first pages are personal contact information and reference calendars for the current year.


There are anno-planning pages to see your entire year at a glance. The Pocket size Plan & Note planners do not have monthly pages, to reduce the thickness of the planner for maximum portability.


The weekly layout provides clear open space to record all your plans.


There is an anno-planner for the following year so you can plan ahead.


At the back of the book there are a few pages for contacts and a reference calendar for the following year.

These new planners are an excellent addition to the Quo Vadis planners lineup!

You can find all colors of the Plan & Note planners in Pocket and Desk sizes at Paper Bistro. You can also buy them at Classic Office Products in the Desk size and Pocket size. Classic Office Products ships internationally.


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