Clearance sale on 2016 Quo Vadis planners!

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All our remaining stock of 2016 Quo Vadis planners is discounted to clear! This is a great chance for you to try out a Quo Vadis planner you’ve been wanting to try, or change planners for cheap if you are unhappy with your current planner.

Some people buy discounted Quo Vadis planners to use as notebooks because they enjoy the paper so much. The planners can be used as ink test pads, sketchbooks, or journals.

Other people use past year planners to establish timelines for novels, legal cases, or for tax purposes.

There will be no more 2016 planners printed, so this is your last chance to buy a 2016 Quo Vadis planner. These will be available only while stocks remain. Once they are gone, they are gone!

Click here for a list of retailers where you can still buy 2016 Quo Vadis planners.

2 thoughts on “Clearance sale on 2016 Quo Vadis planners!

  1. Thanks Laurie, new reader here. I will definitely check these out. Are there any that are compatible with Livescribe – and even better – that could work with Livescribe and integrate with Outlook? 🙂

    • Hi Heather, right now Exaclair does not have Livescribe-compatible planners, but I will put the request forth as something to consider in the future!

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