Writing Wednesday: Combined work and personal Bullet Journal, or separate?

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Rhodia pocket notebook and Parker Quink ink

A question I see often online is: should I combine work and personal in one Bullet Journal? Or should I have separate Bullet Journal notebooks for work and personal uses? The answer, of course, is: it depends. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to combine work and personal life into one Bullet Journal, or to use separate books:

Confidentiality: If your work involves client confidentiality, you will need to use a separate Bullet Journal for work. Similarly, if your employer has the right to confiscate or keep all work-related notes, you don’t want your personal writing mixed in.

Snooping: If you have nosy coworkers, or just don’t want your personal business out on your desk for all to see, you might want to use a designated Bullet Journal for work and a separate one for personal use.

Clarity: It’s often easier to find work-related notes and information when it’s not mixed in with your personal journaling.

Delineations: If your work life is mostly separate from your personal life, it makes sense to have a separate Bullet Journal. But if your work and personal lives are more intermixed, for example if you work from home and/or juggle multiple roles all the time, you might find it easier to keep track of everything in one notebook.

Portability: If you have work information that you need outside the office frequently, you might find it more convenient to only carry one book around with you. Again though, keep in mind any client confidentiality issues.

Security and privacy: Unfortunately, sometimes notebooks get lost or stolen. A Bullet Journal can contain some very personal information. Think about what might happen if you accidentally leave your notebook with personal journaling at a client’s office. What would they see if they open the book to see what it is? Books with very sensitive personal information should be left at home, and books with very sensitive or confidential work information should stay at work.

Do you use separate notebooks for work and personal? Or do you combine everything in one notebook?

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