Who and what has influenced your planner use?

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Where did your planner journey begin? Who first inspired you to use a planner? Did you see a friend’s planner and want one yourself? Did you stumble upon a planner in a moment of time-management need? Were you issued planners at work?

My mom was my first planner inspiration. I inherited my love of all things stationery-related from her. She and I both love to browse notebooks, pens and planners. When I was growing up, she always used a big wall calendar to keep track of what was going on.

I first started using an actual planner in high school. At that time it mainly held my class assignments. Later I used a Septanote planner, and discovered I was much more organized even though I was extremely busy with work, graduate courses and general life.

Nowadays I belong to several planner-related Facebook groups, which I have mixed feelings about. It’s a great way to meet other people who love planners and stationery, and I love seeing new products and how people use their planners. But sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and occasionally I have to step back from the groups.

What about you? When/ how did you start using a planner, and what/ who has influenced your planner use over the years?

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  1. In recent months my planner usage has changed for the positive, but without changing the layout just how I am using it, bought on my doing the podcast with Karine Tovmassian over at http://plannerology.com
    It has been quite a refreshing change without straining the brain cells too much! I will be eternally grateful to Karine for showing me some ‘new’ ways of using my planner!

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