Time management Monday: Taking on new roles

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Team Leaders - Suggested

This is a topic I touched on in one of the Daily Journaling Prompts for August that I want to expand on. If you are taking on new roles, how will you work them into your schedule?

Maybe you’ve been promoted at work, or are taking on additional responsibilities. Maybe you are a leader in an activity. Maybe you have joined a team, group or club.

The fact is, to make time for new roles you have to spend less time doing something else. This requires you to prioritize your time.

Ideally, taking on a new role would mean ending a different one. Keep your balance by not taking on too much.

Often though, we need or want to take on new roles without stopping others. Avoid overextending yourself by setting boundaries, both with yourself and with others.

Whatever your new role is, make sure everyone involved knows your level of time commitment. It’s better to be conservative with your time commitment and let everyone know you have X amount of time to spend on it. Later if you discover you have more time, you can expand your hours in that role. What you don’t want to do is promise more time, then discover you can’t keep up.

By being up front about your time commitment and saying no when you need to, you’ll be able to fulfill expectations and excel in your new role!

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