Time management Monday: Ramping up

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Don't look down!

Pretty soon, if they haven’t already for you, things will start to get busy. People are back in their post-summer routines, school is in session, and the seasons will be turning soon bringing cooler weather and on its heels holiday after holiday. If you take a little time now to prepare for the upcoming months, you can spend the rest of the year in organized glory instead of panicked chaos! It doesn’t take much:

Look at what’s coming up. Take a look through the rest of this year in your planner and see what’s coming up each month. Make note of any events happening each month: birthdays, travel, holidays, etc.

Make lists. Write your lists now of what needs to be done for each of these events. What do you need to do, and what do you need to buy? Who do you need to contact?

Mark dates, deadlines and tasks in your planner. Here’s the key step: get these things down in your planner now, so when the time comes for action you know exactly what you need to do and when. When you turn your planner page you’ll see “order party supplies” and “send invitations” instead of “BIRTHDAY PARTY TODAY!” Nothing will take you by surprise, and you’ll have all the steps you need already in place to be prepared for each event before it happens.

By spending some time now to figure out what you need to do and when, you’ll sail through the busy times for the rest of this year knowing you’ve got everything covered!

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