Time management Monday: making time for house guests

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Guest room with Lava

Whether you have visitors regularly or infrequently, planning ahead is required for house guests. Especially when you are already busy, you’ll want to make sure these things are done before your guests arrive so your visit will go smoothly:

Timing: Of course you will want to know how long your guests will stay with you. Also you’ll need to know what time they will arrive, and will they need a meal as soon as they get there? Will you need to pick them up at the airport?

Beds: How many people will be sleeping at your house, and for how many nights? Will they sleep at your house during their entire visit, or will they stay elsewhere in your area? Make sure you have plenty of bedding and pillows for everyone.

Keeping them fed and watered: Make sure you know of any dietary restrictions or allergies before you feed your guests. Try to find out how many meals they will be eating at your house: dinner only? Breakfast only? Three meals a day? If they will be eating at your house often, take some of the pressure off yourself by empowering them to get their own food: have sandwich-making foods easily accessible, and give them the contact information for local restaurants and takeaways.

Entertainment: Even though your friends/ family have come to see you, you probably don’t want or need to spend every second together. Give them brochures for local attractions, and make sure they know your wifi code.

Emergencies: Remember, your guests may not be familiar with emergency services in your area. Make sure they know the correct emergency numbers and where the nearest emergency/ urgent medical care facility is.

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