Quo Vadis Prestige planners

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All Quo Vadis planners have exceptional paper made in France by Clairefontaine. But some of our planners have extra-special paper. These are our Prestige planners.

The following planners have our Registre Azur paper, which is very subtly tinted to be easy on the eyes.

The Space 24 planner has the week’s schedule on the left page and lined space on the right page for lists and notes. It also has monthly planning pages.

Space 24 cropped

Space 24

The Visual weekly planner has days as timed columns, and also has monthly planning pages:


Visual weekly planner

The Journal 21 has a full page for each day, and also has monthly planning pages:

Journal 21 cropped

Journal 21 day per page planner

The following planners have our fine ivory satin-finish Ivoire Satine paper:

The pocket size Space 17 planner has a week + notes format, and monthly planning pages:

Space 17 layout

Space 17 pocket planner

The tiny Miniweek planner fits in any pocket for ultimate portability:

Miniweek cropped

Miniweek pocket planner


The desk size Note 27 planner has your schedule on the left page with a large page every week for lists and notes:

Note 27

Note 27 planner

The elegance of the Prestige planners make them a joy to use every day, and are extra-special as gifts.

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