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Quo Vadis planners come with a variety of cover options, some of which are refillable. Here is a brief rundown of the cover styles.

First of all, you can see all the cover styles here. Not all covers are available for all planners. You can click on the links for more information about each style of cover and to see which planners are available with each type of cover.

Our most popular and widely-available style is the Club cover. These come in a variety of colors, are refillable and durable.

Club covers

Club covers

Another popular cover is the soft-touch Soho. It is durable and professional-looking.

Soho covers on desk

Soho covers

The Texas covers are very popular because they are inexpensive, light-weight and have a great soft feel.

Texas covers cropped

Texas covers

There are several leather options including Duo, Mignon and Chelsea. These are available on select planners.

mignon_leather_group_2000 (2)

Mignon leather covers

The recycled-material Equology covers are only available with Sapa X academic, Scholar and Textagenda planners.


Equology recycled covers

The non-refillable spiral Noir and Python covers are exclusively available with the academic-year Scholar and Textagenda planners.

noir covers

Noir covers

Python covers

Python covers

You can buy just the cover of your choice here. This is a great option if something has happened to your cover,  or you just want to try a different color or style.

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