Let the Buyer Beware

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Summer is the time of year we update our local listings for Quo Vadis retailers, and also our web links as well.  This process goes on from now through early fall – just ahead of the major rush for purchasing next year’s planners and diaries.

In the course of our research we always discover some new online retailers, reviews, and some unexpected discoveries.  One of them yesterday was finding a Quo Vadis Trinote for sale on eBay.

There are a lot of online marketplaces–Amazon, eBay, Etsy–to name a few.  Some of our products, or finished goods made with our products (like leather covers for notebooks)  can be found on all of them and usually I’m glad for the wide distribution and publicity.  However, buying outside of an authorized dealer can sometimes be a risk.

I noted one eBay seller who was offering a 2016 Trinote with a purple leather cover.  However, the cover was really vinyl, not leather, even though it feels like a soft suede.  This may have been an honest mistake-or not.  I don’t know.

If you are buying outside of an authorized dealer you may want to check your possible purchase against the Quo Vadis website.




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