Interview with Wladimir Taranoff of Quo Vadis France!

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Today we are speaking with Wladimir Taranoff, Marketing Manager at our home office in France! He is a very busy man so I really appreciate him taking the time to answer these questions for us! It’s a great insight into the inner workings of Quo Vadis and the company’s worldwide influence.

QV: Please tell us briefly about your role at Quo Vadis.

WT: I am Marketing Manager. I am in charge of various topics:

-Define marketing policy

-Build and manage Brand identity

-Manage Communication (publicity, web sites, Community management)

-Manage Product Development

-Manage Trade business for Export and Corporate business (BtoB) for France and Export

-In charge of all digital projects (Apps, Website)

-Manage Sales force tools (catalogues and samples)

-Provide marketing Support to foreign distributors

-Manage Business development for new export markets (sales and marketing)

QV: To which parts of the world does Quo Vadis export?

WT: We export Worldwide. We export in more than 75 countries in the world. In Europe we export on our traditional markets of western Europe (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Nederlands, UK). We also develop new eastern European markets. We also Export in Africa in French speaking African countries. In Asia we have a subsidiary in Japan for more than 20 years. We export to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. We also Export to Australia and New Zealand.

QV: How is the Quo Vadis product selection different in different parts of the world? For example, what do customers prefer in Japan vs North America vs Europe?

WT: The Agenda Planing lay out one week at a glance was invented by Quo Vadis in 1954. It is part of Quo Vadis DNA. This weekly diary is sold in every country but the main difference is the size. In Japan the best seller are the Pocket diaries and the square size: Executive. This diary is very popular in Japan for both men and women due to its design size which makes it very different from the common diaries.  In Asia the diaries have to be in English and not in the local languages to make the diary be a fashion and exclusive personal item.

In Japan and North America the Monthly diaries are very popular when they are not so much in Europe.

France and Germany are the two countries in Europe where the customers prefer to have their diary in their own language.

The one day per page diaries are more popular in North America. Traditionally the most common diary was the daily diary. By creating the weekly diary Agenda Planing, Quo Vadis influenced the market. In the countries where Quo Vadis is very popular the core business is the weekly diary when it is the daily one in the other countries.

The covers of the diaries can be slightly different from one country to another (for the colors and style) but the difference is getting less and less important due to the globalization of the fashion industry.

Germany and North America are more focused on black leather like covers with no grain, the diary being considered as a professional tool which is to be discreet and symbol of efficiency before being a fashion accessory.

QV: How have customer needs changed over the years?

WT: The traditional customers of Quo Vadis diaries were executive men. The diary was a professional tool, symbol of success and efficiency. Managing your own time being a symbol of social status.  Time was considered by those men as only professional. The time management of free time and the family activities being managed by women. Therefore the timing of the diaries were mainly from Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 7 pm.

Since the 80’s there are more and more executive women managing their professional time. They also continue to manage the time of the family. Therefore they need more space for the weekend, a larger period of time during the day and more space to take notes for the family activities.

“Modern” men also pay more attention to the non professional activities of their life and need to manage other time (kids, couple, personal, family). Successful life being more and more the right balance between Professional, personal, kids, couple lives.

Our diaries offer more space for the weekend and non professional activities.

Due to the increase of women users the need for nice fashion covers is increasing. The diary is today a personal accessory showing your identity and style and not just a professional tool.

The digital diaries have also changed the market of diaries. Some customers have switched from paper to digital for the advantages of the digital (sharing events, invitation etc.). The type of diary chosen by the customers is very personal based on their priorities in terms of time management.

A lot of women use both paper and digital diaries. Digital diary for business and a premium paper diary for personal use.

QV: Anything else you would like to add?

WT: Quo Vadis has developed for the last 60 years a great experience in Time Management with diaries. Time management is part of Quo Vadis DNA. Therefore QV launched in May a new Calendar App for IOS with specific features to propose a premium digital diary to the customers who prefer to move to digital. Specific features for efficient time management are implemented in the App such as: Top priority of the day, Management of Events, Priorities and Actions, Ano planning with only Top priorities, At a glance or detail Switch for each view etc.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    In looking at the UK website, they show a Habana Daily 21 which I like. Can you find out the line spacing, it looks to be about 5 mm which would be perfect. I am using a Journal 21 which I like very much, but may spring for the Habana. If not, I’ll use another Journal 21 next year. I got it in a drawing on this website, and it has worked very well.



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