Writing Wednesday: Quick travel journaling

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Travel journaling is a kind of catch-22: there are so many new sights and experiences to record, yet you are so busy experiencing it you don’t always want to spend the time to journal about it.

Here is an easy way to quickly get your memories down on paper before the days get mixed together.

Every day write these headers in your journal and fill in the information as you go:

Date, Where, Who, What, Highlights.

An example:

Date: July 6, 2016

Where: Rome

Who: Me, Cath, Sam and Max

What: Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican City

Highlights: Got lost walking winding streets and discovered the amazing family-run restaurant where we had a delicious dinner!

These details will help you remember what happened on which days. For some people, these jottings plus your photos will be enough. For others, the details you capture quickly can be the framework for more detailed journaling later.

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Quick travel journaling

  1. I like to take notes at tourist attractions and on guided tours, notably places of historical significance.

  2. This is similar what I do when traveling. I jot quick notes for reference in my planner, and then enlarge on them at a more convenient time in my actual travel journal.

    And yes, I take my planner on my vacations. If life is happening period, I need my planner LOL!

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