Writing Wednesday: Daily productivity tricks

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These quick and easy tricks are powerful ways to boost your productivity and focus your priorities. Write down these things every day to help you reach your goals:

Most Important Tasks: These are also called MITs, daily priorities, etc. Whatever you want to call them, they are the most important things you need to get done today. The trick here is to limit the number of MITs so you don’t get overwhelmed with things to do. This is where prioritization kicks in. Don’t write everything you would like to get done today. Think about the three or four things you really need to get done today. This might be finishing that big report, running for 30 minutes, or really being present with your partner/ kids. Don’t forget to make your goals your priorities. Write these MITs in the priority box in your planner or at the top of your daily page. This forces you to think about what your priorities are, and focus your time and attention on these.

Daily log: You don’t need to write everything you do every day, that’s tedious. But writing certain things can help you keep track of what you do, and therefore, what you have accomplished. For example, tracking your goals progress is a proven way to motivate you and help you see improvement toward your goals. By writing down your number of miles run/ words written/ sales made etc. you can stay on track to reach your goal milestones.

Another way a daily log is useful is when you do your monthly reviews. A month review is a useful way to evaluate your productivity by seeing what you did and if you used your time effectively. You can do a standard month review (What did I accomplish this month? How could I improve next month?), a themed month review to think about things a little more deeply, or a Monthly Report at work. Diane described in this post how she used a daily log to write her monthly reports at work, and gained a much better appreciation of how she was spending her time.

By focusing your priorities and reviewing your progress, you will know what you need to do and what you have accomplished.

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