Tracking gardening in your planner

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I’m not a gardener, but I have seen online where some people use a planner to track their gardening, allowing them quick reference year after year. They track things like weather and temperatures each day to see when the last frost in the spring happens, to give them a better idea of when to plant; they write when they planted what and where; they write blooming and harvesting, yields etc. Using a planner for this makes it easier to find dated entries and compare year to year.

Do you keep track of your gardening? What do you use?

2 thoughts on “Tracking gardening in your planner

  1. I’ve used a lined notebook for years (i know. i’m surprised it’s not grid too.) when i reach the end i’ll either switch to a dot grid or perhaps the hebdo. it has enough space to draw out things if i need and is not overly formatted but would provide enough structure to save me time. by-and-large i just care the basic shape of the week, not if i mowed on monday or tuesday that week.

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