Time management Monday: Productivity built in

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Quo Vadis planners have features that are known to boost productivity and time management skills built right into the design. Here are some examples:

Daily priority box: This helps you focus on the priorities of the day, and can help you turn your goals into your priorities.

Priority box vertical

Categorized list boxes: Avoid that confusing jumble of tasks by automatically organizing your tasks as you write them down. They can be categorized by action (call, email, pay) or by priority.

2014-10-05 2014-10-05 001 013


Annual overview pages: The anno-planning pages help you see the big picture of your year and plan for big events, deadlines, holidays and travel.

Anno planning

Notes spaces: Daily and weekly notes spaces give you a landing place to capture all those reminders and bits of information that would otherwise get lost on sticky notes.

daily notes

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