Time management Monday: How to prioritize tasks in your planner

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Lately I’ve been very busy, with lots of new tasks coming at me throughout the week. As I kept adding new tasks, my weekly task lists became a jumble of relatively urgent things (that needed to be done within the next couple of days), things that needed to be done sometime before next week, and things that could be put off until later if I needed to.

I decided to change how I’m using my lists, so I have designated spaces according to urgency. Now when I add an item to my list, it automatically gets ranked by urgency so I always have my priorities visible.

You can see in my example below I have converted the list boxes in a Septanote planner to show the level of urgency of all my tasks.



If you have a lot of tasks every week, you can do a similar thing in a Space 24 weekly planner, which has a page for notes every week. You can divide the notes page to give categorized spaces, so you can write your task lists according to priority.




With your tasks sorted by urgency/ priority, you know where to start. Work through your highest-urgency list first, then when those are done move on to the next level of priority, and so on. When a new task is added to a higher priority list, work on that first before moving on down the lists again.

3 thoughts on “Time management Monday: How to prioritize tasks in your planner

  1. I will check it out, thanks, Laurie! I re-read your 4-part bullet journaling posts twice and was still unsure, haha!

    Lately I’ve been using David Seah’s Mini ETP for my daily KIT (Keep It Together!), with my planning done in a weekly. My planner has lots of notes pages in the back so I’m using that to capture important details.

    I started a small ‘Projects’ notebook (spiral bound, a beautiful fuschia with gold spots from Target) using the bullet journal method. Thanks!!


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