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We are very pleased to feature American ex-pat Miranda Richmond Mouillot on The Writer’s Project.  She is a big fan of  J. Herbin inks, and uses them to write drafts of her books.  Miranda’s latest book is A Fifty Year Silence. 

In 1955, Miranda Richmond Mouillot’s maternal grandparents, Anna and Armand–French Jews and Holocaust survivors–separated.  Anna moved to New York with her children to start a new life.  Armand moved to Geneva; aside from one brief encounter, the two never saw or spoke to one another again.

In 2004, Miranda traveled to the small French village where the couple had last lived to unravel the mystery of their estrangement.  Earlier this year, she published a memoir about what she’d learned:  A Fifty Year Silence.

Read more about the book and the mystery in an interview with the author on The Writer’s Project.

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