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A friend and long-time Quo Vadis Blog reader, Kate M. from Philadephia, recently wrote to describe a graduate school project: “My Master’s thesis was originally supposed to be about how today’s pen, ink and paper enthusiasts use the Internet (especially social media) to keep up with a hobby centered around “old fashioned” or maybe “obsolete” technology.”

“I wound up changing gears and starting a novel as part of my Master’s degree, but I’ve always kept my original topic in the back of my mind–because those old-fashioned tools played an important role in drafting and revising my Capstone project.”

Kate’s subject is interesting because it’s so true!  So many people have found our Quo Vadis, Rhodia, Clairefontaine and J. Herbin products via Google, online forums like Fountain Pen Network and Reddit, and, of course, Facebook posts.

Do you search for new stationery products via social media?


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