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A couple of years ago, the design of the Textagenda and Notor pages was changed to be more colorful. We have since received a lot of feedback from customers: people seem to either love the new look, or hate it.

In general, people have been more positive about the changes in the Textagenda (academic year planner) than in the Notor (January-December) planner. More people use the Notor for professional use, and felt the colorful design stood out too much in the workplace.

Below is the current design of the Textagenda (academic-year day per page planner) and the Notor (January-December day per page planner). You can click on the images for a larger view.

Textagenda 2015 cropped

New look Textagenda and Notor, stock image

Below is the old look of the Textagenda and Notor:

Old Textagenda

Old look Textagenda and Notor, photo taken at home

For easier comparison, here is a scan with the two side by side. The old look is at the left, new look at the right.

Textagenda old vs new scan cropped (550x390)

There was some talk about changing the Notor design back to the more subtle version, but that has not happened yet. Would you prefer the Notor to go back to the old (more subtle) design, or stay with the current (more colorful) design? Please leave a comment here or email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com to let us know your preference.

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

20 thoughts on “Notor preferences?

  1. Just yesterday I found a possible substitute at my art supply store: a lined Forum Journal, which is the same size as the Notor. The layout is fairly similar, but undated. With more writing space, no loud colors and the same great paper, this might be even better for me.

  2. I would also vote for the old subtle design of the Notor. It is such a handy little planner book, and the colors were too intense for me.

  3. I prefer the older design with the date in a circle. Preferably with the light blue / lavender color.

    I’ve thought about why the new design was used and realized that maybe the newer design is to make the Textagenda planner more appealing to kids since it is the academic version. Unfortunately, it also meant that the Notor design had to change with it…

    • I agree that the new is a bit too bright and colourful. While I don’t personally use this style, I would be more comfortable with the older subtle colours but find the new square date more useful.

    • Hi Jessica, the 2017’s are already finished printing but the changes may be considered for future editions. We are gathering customer comments to present to our parent company in France to show them what the majority of people prefer, but in the end it is their decision whether or not to change the design.

  4. I did not buy the newer version because of that change. I will buy the 2017 Textagenda if you return to the old design…. as I keep hoping you will do. But I will not buy the new design.

  5. The Textagenda was my introduction into the world of QuoVadis back when I was a University student and I was faithful to that planner for my undergraduate and graduate years. Life carried on and I moved to a different country worked, married, raised a family. So when I came across a Textagenda in a bookstore it was like seeing a old friend after many years. I immediately picked one up for the year and was reminded of everything l liked about it. So this continued on until sadly the decision for the new format.
    Sadly my old friend no longer was the same… I was one who appreciated the subtlety of the original colour scheme etc.
    So please if we do have any influence please bring back the old colour scheme / format of at least the Notor if not the Textagenda.
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out and seek opinions.

  6. Agreed – the newer version is too much like it’s for kids. I preferred the older more classy version. I bought a newer one last year but did not use it.

  7. The Notor was my first QuoVadis planner years ago, and I loved it. The gray was subtle and understated, soothing, suitable for business, and easy to write over with colorful ink if needed. I don’t remember even the understated blue as shown above, though — seems like it was all grey back then. I HATE the new look, and I immediately quit buying the Notor. I would still buy it in addition to my Space 24 if you went back to the grey. The new look is SO tacky, I’ve never understood why they did it to begin with. PLEASE bring back the old look! Thank you for asking.

  8. I prefer the old look. I’m afraid I would ignore what was written in the the turquoise boxes because they’re so dark.

  9. I used the Notor for a year and really liked the size of it, a lot a space per day, but small enough to carry around from home to work. Once the format changed though, it just didn’t work for me anymore – it looks like it is for kids, and the higher contrast isn’t as easy on the eyes to me. I would definitely consider using this again if it was in a more grown-up, neutral layout.

  10. I thought they were changing back to the older, classier version for 2017? I agree that the newer, more colorful version probably appeals more to students and younger people. I would not buy the newer version again. Much prefer the older version!

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