Interview with Quo Vadis Thailand distributor

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Today we are talking with Naris Chotjinda who runs the Thailand distributor of Quo Vadis planners!

QV: Please give us a short description of your company.

NC: Our company, Capital ABSNC Company Limited established in 1997.   We’re long time partner of Quo Vadis diaries for more than a decade.  We usually import QV diaries from USA and distribute them through all leading department stores. is our website.


QV: What types of products do your customers look for?

NC: In general, customers will look for Desk diary such as President, Trinote, Note 27, Minister Prestige and Space 17 for Pocket diary.


QV: What do you think about the current market for paper planners?

NC: The current market for paper planners is a bit affected by the technology (iPhone / iPad).  The new generation prefers to use mobile phone rather paper planners.  However, we’re glad to see that the number of customers has increased every year.  It is word of mouth.  When Mr. A sees the benefit of using QV diaries, he suggests it to his friend and probably, buys it for New Year gifts.


QV: Any additional comments or observations that you would like to add?

NC: In our market, there are many people who prefer “free space“ for writing rather than a format like “President or Minister”, for example.  This year, we plan to introduce undated books such as Forum Non-dated and Forum Graph to the market.


QV: Where can customers buy from your shop, in person and online?

NC: Customers can purchase QV diaries from leading department stores such as B2S (Books, Music & Stationery stores), Emporium, Isetan @ Central World, Loft @ Siam Discovery, and Siam Paragon.

Of course, customers can go directly to us as well.


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