Benefits of using notebooks at work

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Some people are all electronic all the time for work, but many people have discovered they prefer using a combination of technology and paper notebooks. There are multiple benefits to using a notebook at work:

Using a paper notebook can help boost your productivity in numerous ways. Methods like Getting Things Done and Bullet Journaling have been proven to help you process your tasks and define your goals more effectively.

More and more studies show that writing things down on paper helps you learn and retain information by engaging more of your brain.

Pocket notebooks are a great way to make sure you always have a capture device with you. No matter where you are, you can quickly and easily jot down information that comes at you. When someone stops you in the hall, you can take notes and list tasks immediately. And you never have to worry about the battery dying!

More and more people are concerned these days about online safety and data security. Many workplaces prohibit the use of electronic devices for scheduling and notes, especially when the safety and privacy of clients or sensitive issues are at stake.

Some people like to use one notebook for all their work notes and tasks. Others use designated notebooks for each client or project.

How do you use your notebook at work?

3 thoughts on “Benefits of using notebooks at work

  1. I used to use a notebook at work, but then I got tired of keeping up with a notebook and my planner. Now I write everything in my planner. If there are meeting notes that are too long for the planner, I write on a tablet and put in a file folder in my office. I used to carry a composition notebook with me all of the time, along with my QV President, but I don’t anymore. I am also using the enclosed QV planner booklet in the back much more for note taking.

  2. I use my work notebook for To Dos and Tasks and daily notes, chronologically. It is a supplement to my Outlook Tasks. Normally I don’t like anything in two different places, but it just somehow works. Also, something about the act of writing everything down helps me to feel more organized and less scattered. I also use my notebook for recurring tasks that are monthly or quarterly.

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